Are You Standing Up for Your Sad Ass Stories?

Pounce Playfully on Your Pathos  (A poem from dreamtime)

I stand up,

you stand up,

we all stand up

for our sad ass stories.

I long,

you long,

we all long

for liberation.

Let’s love each other into freedom.


Again and again.

As many times as it takes.

Pounce playfully on your pathos!

Grab her by the ankles,

turn her upside down

and give a great shake!

Upside down,

feel yourself


rubbish clattering to the floor and evaporating.

Dropped from the jaws of your liberator,

bounce back to the bed


Spring up

and revel in this new morning!

Last week I had a dream that made me laugh, set me free and inspired this poem. In the dream, a friend was lying on the bed whining about how sad her life was. I pounced on her (playfully, with love!) and grabbed her by the ankles and picked her up as easily as if she were a rag doll and gave her a great shake! She laughed and shrieked and got lighter and lighter and when I tossed her gently back on the bed, she giggled and bounced with delight.

Waking up, I immediately saw myself as all the parts of this dream. I was the one wallowing in sad stories and self pity and I was pouncing and shaking; I was the liberator and the rubbish. (We all forget. We all get stupid!) Waking I felt grateful for my trusted friends who shake me out of my sad ass stories and who welcome playful, loving shakes from me.

This is never to minimize the deep sadness and challenges that come to you at times. Go into the emotions, feel them, do the grieving. Let these experiences transform you.

But, perhaps you’d like to notice those times when you fall into identifying with your excuses, even standing up for them– and holy shit what a waste that is of your sweet time!

I’d rather spend my time creating and I am so damn grateful for the folks (and the Dreammaker and the inner wise parts!) who help liberate me from my sad ass stories.

Lets Love each other into Freedom.


Again and again.

As many times as it takes.

What helps you shed your sad ass stories so you can spend more time reveling in your brilliant creativity?