You don't have to take feedback

You do not have to be perpetually open for feedback from anyone and everyone.

Most people don't know what you are currently working on and aren't aware of your intentions or your goals.

The people who are very sure they know what is best for you, are very likely mistaken.

"You don't have to take feedback" was a golden nugget I got from the brilliant Michael Port at the Heroic Public speaking training last month.

Great advice for those of us who are visual artists, performers and writers.
Great advice for those of us who are artists of life. (Which is you. And everyone else.)

When someone asks if they can give you feedback, you can say, “No thank you.”

Random feedback may or may not be helpful.
Consider the source.
Consider the timing.
Notice your gut response.
Give yourself permission to decline.
Feedback can be great.
If it's the right feedback.

The wrong feedback, or even good feedback at the wrong time, can leave you bleeding, confused or derailed.

It’s your life.
You are the artist.
You get to choose.

How about you? Are there times in your life when feedback had a negative effect on your creative process or on your ability to thrive? Do you give yourself permission to choose the feedback you want?