Holiday Joy or Holiday Craziness?

Holiday Joy or Holiday Craziness?

You get to choose.

There is a certain craziness that often comes over many of us at this time of year. Expectations and hype can run really high.  

I was so happy yesterday to get a note from one of my coaching clients, a successful, high-achieving business owner, telling me she is going into the holidays this year with a new attitude.

“One of the best things I’ve learned in our coaching lately is that I can release myself from some of the unnecessary pressure I often feel at the holidays. I now realize the holidays and family heap pressure on me because I ALLOW it.

Over the last week I found myself thinking many times: ‘It is Ok not to do what I think is expected of me if I really don’t feel like it.’

I don’t really want to shop for everybody at 5 am on Black Friday, send out 120 Christmas cards, or wait for hours and hours for family members who are really late.

So instead I suggested our extended family draw names for gifts thus reducing the gift load to purchase from 25 to only a few.  I might send out New Year Cards after the holiday rush and I might reduce my huge list. My husband and children and I left a gathering when we felt like leaving, rather than staying because we felt obligated. I also stopped my old habit of keeping an inner tally of slights and criticism from certain family members. I stopped looking for negatives.
 Whew, it feels so good to release the pressure and some of the negativity!

And my husband and I had one of the best Thanksgivings ever just with the two of us. No pressure, no turkey, no long hours with family members who were quarreling… just the two of us doing what we wanted.”

Way to go! What a success. By reclaiming her inner power of choice my client is freeing up time, energy and mental space and dramatically reducing her stress load. By being more relaxed and happy herself, her presence becomes a gift to everyone around her.

Look at the upcoming holidays and notice what you look forward to and what you dread or tolerate.

There is no one way to do the holidays.

However you think it should be: somebody made it all up.

You get to choose to do it in a way that would most delight and nourish you and your loved ones.

And remember, you don’t have to do it all yourself.
Invite your loved ones to help you create the holidays together - in the ways that actually bring you all joy.

What's one thing you are truly looking forward to this season?

And what's one obligation, task, attitude or activity you are ready to let go of?