Focus on Love.

Last night my husband David and I sat in a packed room at our local library listening to a talk by Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute.

The headline in our paper this morning read, “Expert sees difficulties in coping with climate change.”

This headline did not capture my experience of the talk.

Almost everyone sees difficulties in dealing with climate change.  Having worked for decades to educate people about climate change and other environmental challenges, Heinberg is well aware of the difficulties we face.

But what I brought home from the talk was an invigorated sense of engaged hope.

In his talk and in his many books and free publications (link below) Heinberg does not focus primarily on dire predictions but on how we can create change at personal, local and systemic levels.

His closing comments, in response to a question, were about love.

He emphasized that the more we connect with our love of this precious earth the more we are able to take positive action.

He suggested that when we cultivate deep gratitude for this amazing planet - this planet so perfectly suited to sustain human life - we are mobilized to work with nature rather than to destroy it.

Connect with our love for the earth and for its inhabitants.
Let that love inspire us into right action.

This is the message I brought home and carried into my night’s dreaming. This morning I woke feeling deeply aligned with the power of love as our most vital transformational tool, for personal and for planetary change.

Earlier yesterday I read similar guidance from the Dali Lama, “Focus on love.”

This came from the newsletter of John Perkins, founder of Change the Dream, author and visionary, writing of his meeting with the Dali Lama.

“During that meeting, someone asked if he had any regrets about leaving Tibet.
‘Regrets?’ The Dalai Lama smiled. ‘Regrets are foolish, a waste of time.’
He paused. ‘Don’t bother with regrets. Learn from life and go on living, meditating, and taking appropriate actions.’ The smile broadened. ‘Focus on love.’

Focus on love.

Each one of us deals with personal challenges. Collectively we face enormous environmental and social justice issues.

It is easy to feel fearful and overwhelmed.  

It is easy to regret or resent decisions that may have led us into these difficult situations.

Regret, overwhelm, resentment and fear zap your energy, your creativity and your resilience.

Focusing on love opens you to inspiration and creative solutions and connects you to your deepest, most authentic inner power.

Focus on love.

What do you love? Let yourself open in appreciation of that.

What change would you love to help create in the world?

What shifts for you when you face personal or planetary challenges with your focus on love?

I’m eager to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

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