Need a Speaker? Lea will engage, enliven and empower your group.

"People listen to Lea because she is a living example of practicing what you preach. Her presentations are rich with her energy, humor and caring. We know we can count on Lea for fresh new ideas and suggestions for practical things to work on. She helps participants have hope and know they have the power to make a difference. Her stories are meaningful and imaginative and her meditations are refreshing and energizing. Lea’s deep caring always comes through."
~ Deidre Greene, M.S., ANP, Samaritan Health Services

Presentation Topics

Transform Stress into Soul-Satisfying Success!

Although we think of stress as negative - and it often is! - research shows that when you work with stress the right way, you can become more resilient, confident, courageous and compassionate. Learn three powerful strategies to embrace the positive aspects of stress and to transform “negative” effects of stress into energy that helps you reach your goals and create the life you love.

A really insightful presentation. I came away with so much to think about and work with.”

“Well integrated, well presented, learning through doing. Great flow and so enjoyable. Lea embodied sheer joy.”

Befriend Your Body! 3 Keys to Dramatically Boost Your Health, Your Happiness and Your Success!

Learnto lay down your swords of self harshness and judgement and tap into your natural inner source of wisdom, healing and delight. Discover how you can feel fabulous, strong and confident in your own skin and thrive in body, soul, work and play!

"Excellent presentation, flow and participation of class for experiential learning. 5+ stars.”

“Gifted presenter, Exquisite presence, embodied wisdom.”

You Can’t Save the World if You’re Running on Empty!

Depletion is a way of life in our modern busy culture. But when you are depleted, everything seems too hard, you may feel resentful -even of the people and projects you love- and your health, business, relationships and happiness are at risk. Discover the personal and cultural patterns that deplete you and learn powerful strategies to bring your gifts to the world with easeful productivity and authentic happiness.

“Wow! Delightful presence. I learned a lot! Wonderful new tools.”

“As usual, Lea was lively, warm, inventive and fun.”

Create Extraordinary Well-being from the Inside Out!

Are you settling for less vitality, health, happiness or connection than you could be enjoying? Reclaim three natural and underused powers that will boost you into extraordinary well-being of body, mind, soul, work, home and play. 

Very professional, excellent speaker.”                                                   

“Wonderful presenter and content. Pitched perfectly in so many layers, thank you.”

“This was a knock-your-socks-off presentation!”

Presentations Customized for your Group

These may be delivered as keynotes, meeting presentations, break-outs or in an extended workshop format of half-day, full-day, or weekend programs. Lea’s intuitive creativity and experience with a wide range of audiences allow her to tailor a presentation specifically for your group.

In her presentations, Lea integrates:

    • Humorous, poignant, heartfelt stories drawn from personal, cultural and mythic sources
    • Inspiring speaking style
    • Modern mind-body research
    • Practical suggestions and tips
    • Rich, evocative imagery
    • Audience involvement

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"You are a wonderful speaker! Your talk was very interesting; I learned so much. Thank you."  Tanja Pejovic, Ph.D., M.D., Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon

Thank you so much for the presentation you made at the WISH Luncheon, everyone really enjoyed your talk. You empowered us to take care of ourselves without guilt and made us smile, laugh and sing! I have had a lot of positive feedback from the women who attended.”
Barbara Mullins, steering committee member of Women Investing in Samaritan Health

"We had a women LEAD gathering for OSU female athletes.  LEAD stands for Limitless, Empowered, Authentic and Distinguished.  How do I remember those words?  Lea had all of us stand and repeat them with movement for several minutes.  What a brilliant way to engage the young women and the business leaders in attendance.  Not only does Lea have an amazing ability to grab the attention of everyone in the room, but she also can alter her speeches to directly impact those in the audience and she offered the gift of take home notes.   Having Lea as a keynote speaker was motivational and rewarding for everyone in attendance."   Linda Van Powell, President, Civic Outreach, Inc.

“Lea presented at our annual Imagery International conference several years ago.  Her workshop was so well received she was asked to present the following year as well. She has an extensive knowledge in holistic health and mind/body wellness. She is well versed in personal growth and draws from many aspects of psychology, somatics, integrative medicine.    
She is dynamic, engaging and evokes audience participation.  Her presentations are educational, practical and experiential.  She is inspiring and transformational!”               
                                                      Susan Ezra, RN, HNC, Board President of Imagery international

"You are a conduit for a sacred healing path lost to so many in our society. The movements, the imagery, the resources you suggest and the warmth and wisdom you bring to each gathering have melded to heal me in ways I didn't even realize needed healing."
Amy Buccolo, RN

"You are truly one-in-a-million rare! All the wisdom & love you bring, and the light you impart to others, teaching us how to create our own light! Imagine! The gift that keeps on giving. Thank you, thank you again!"  Joan Linse, artist, entrepreneur

Lea, You’ve been so generous with your time, and you have enriched this organization in so many ways: through your conference presentations, the interviews you conducted with last year's speakers, your creative ideas and expertise in promotion, and the warm energy and enthusiasm you bring to all you do. A million thanks!”  Susan Gold, MA, CH, Imagery International  

"I hold in my memory a lovely image of you talking at the annual meeting of the Ovarian Cancer Coalition. You are a marvelous speaker and I appreciate the energy and thought you put into your superb presentation. Thank you for adding such a fascinating dimension to our conference on ovarian cancer."
~Ann Werner, MA, MS, Conference Coordinator, Environmental and Health Activist

"This has been a wonderful afternoon! Full of insight, laughter, sharing, tears and peacefulness."  Linda Audrain, realtor

Lea has presented to:

National Wellness Conference

Seaside Health Promotion Conference

Hewlett Packard

Imagery International Conference

Oregon State University

Samaritan Health Services

Women of Wisdom Conference

Soroptomist International

National Association of Administrative Assistants

Women Investing in Samaritan Health

Women LEAD

Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Unity Church

Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center

Samaritan Internal Medicine

Heartspring Wellness Center

Oregon Land Surveyors






Discovery Session with Lea  

Discovery Session with Lea