Have you ever had something “terrible” happen that turned out to be a great gift?

Hi! I’m Lea Bayles, Holistic Life Coach, Wellness Expert, Transformational Speaker and Radio Show Host.

In my early thirties I had a serious immune crash.

It woke me up to a toxic pattern that led to my collapse- a pattern of overdoing and pushing and ignoring my body wisdom and the messages from my soul. It helped me commit to becoming who I really am.

My illness led me on a wonderful healing journey with remarkable teachers of energy medicine, yoga, chi kung and various forms of psychology.

I healed myself from an immune illness doctors told me I would probably always struggle with.

I became passionate about helping others heal themselves.  After getting a master’s degree in psychology with the emphasis on mind body healing I worked for years in a large hospital system helping employees and patients with chronic pain and illness reclaim their health and their lives.

Today I specialize in empowering entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives and change makers to thrive in body, mind and soul so they can create the lives and the impact they dream of. People hire me for 1:1 coaching, keynotes, workshops and retreats.

My clients enthusiastically report that in working with me:
~They feel more alive, energized, relaxed, joyful, peaceful, loving, creative and more fully themselves than ever before.

~They release self destructive patterns, habits and outworn stories that have been holding them back and keeping them stuck.

~They learn to create the lives, the success and impact they want with far less stress, confusion, overwhelm and struggle and lots more ease, joy and soul-satisfaction.

Sound good? Let's talk!

What I know:

  • You are here on a sacred mission.

  • Your soul continually invites you- through your dreams and successes as well as through your failures and challenges- to become more and more fully who you really are.

  • The more you grow into your fullness, the more joy and satisfaction you feel and the more good you do for the world.

  • You are amazing just as you are- and there is always more within you that is eager to emerge.

  • Like everyone, sometimes you get stuck and need support to move forward.

I would love to help you thrive in body, mind and soul so you can create the life and the positive impact you were born to create.

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PS Want personal deets? Sure! I live on 10 acres in the foothills of the Oregon coast range, with my amaze-a-king husband, photographer David Paul Bayles.We currently have no in- house animal companions (for the first time in my life— yikes, it feels odd!) and are just about to become foster parent to a litter of kittens! I have three beautiful and brilliant  daughters who are out in the world spreading their magic and two fabulous grandsons.  I walk almost every day (wherever I am and whatever the weather) and love being in water, dancing, writing, meandering, traveling, gardening, reading, cooking with luscious, fresh, local ingredients and celebrating life with family and friends.

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