All day, every day you are making choices. Consciously or unconsciously you are choosing your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and your attitudes as well as how you spend your time, your money and your precious life force.

Most people make most of their choices by default, based not on what they really want but on what other people do, on old habits or on what is easiest.

Decide today to become more conscious of your choices. Decide to make choices aligned with your true values, desires and goals. Claim your power of choice.

Think of a writer - of books, fiction or non- fiction- A writer chooses every paragraph, every sentence and every word he or she writes.

When a writer writes for a few hours a day- he or she may choose 500 or 2000 words.

You are creating something even more important than the greatest book.You are creating your precious life. Every day as you are writing the book of your life, You make thousands of choices. Are you making the choices consciously or unconsciously?

You are creating your life with every choice.

You make thousands of choices a day.

Does that seem overwhelming?

If so, two suggestions:

1. Shift Overwhelm to Enthusiasm, in your body. Stand or sit tall and say : I Claim myself as a powerful choicemaker. I choose today to create a life i love.

2. Commit to fully claiming one area of your choice. Perhaps commit to consciously choosing what you buy, how you spend your time after dinner or the firsat hour of each day or choose to be intentional in what you eat or what you read or what you are thinking about your future.

Claim yourself as the powerful choice maker you really are. You will empower yourself from the inside out. Choice by choice you will create success that will truly satisfy and delight your soul.

Miracle Breakthrough 1:1 Coaching: Sizzling Summer Special

If you could wave a magic wand, what in your life would you want to change?

While I don’t have a magic wand I do believe in your extraordinary power to create positive change. Combine that with my intuitive, practical, powerful and yes, near- magical coaching, and one month from today you can be saying (like so many of my clients do), “Wow, This feels like magic! I can’t believe how much I have celebrated/ transformed/ accomplished/ created in such a short time!”

Miracle Breakthrough 1:1 Coaching Package is a powerful, enjoyable way to take a big leap in a short time toward a dream, goal or transformation you want.

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  • You’ve been trying or working hard and not getting the results you want

  • You have a dream or vision for yourself or the world and it seems unrealistic or impossible,

  • You feel a longing for something … even if you are not sure what

  • You want clarity on a big decision or upcoming change

  • A part inside you perks up and says: “Yes, this!”

Sizzlin’ Summer Special Miracle Breakthrough Coaching Package

For 1 month You Get:

* 3 1:1 sessions by phone, Zoom video or in person

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*Deep listening, accountability, individualized strategies

*Healing, energetic support for your miracle breakthrough results

**Bonus: Unlock the Power and Magic of Your Breath course to help you feel look think better and make any change with more ease and joy.

TOTAL VALUE: $750.00 Usual price $697.00

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“Working with Lea has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Lea helped me to dive deeper into my love for myself and my gifts to bring the world, and I am forever different. She is the real thing, and I am so incredibly grateful for her deep, dynamic healing.” ~ Brooke, teacher, writer, pianist

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