Become a Hero of Love

“I don’t care how much the world hates, I will always choose love.” - Demario Davis, NFL linebacker.

Last month Davis and Washington cornerback Josh Norman joined a group of volunteers that flew to Texas and stayed up all night in a parking lot putting together backpacks of supplies for migrant families detained at the border.

“I’m telling you it felt better than anything else I’ve ever done: to help give someone else a fighting chance,” said Norman, “I’ve been provided such riches, and a great life, so why should I not help others? Every one of us can be a hero.”

Every one of us can become a hero of love. Every day.

Bernie Siegel world renowned physician and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles wrote,  “I believe that we are here to contribute love to the planet, each in our own way.”

Contribute love to the world in your way, right where you are, using your unique skills and passions and convictions and you become a hero of love.

Here are a few heroes of love I’m grateful for today:

My client who overcame her fear of public speaking last month to deliver a compelling, heart-felt, heart-opening talk to potential donors for an educational program. Her deep love for children and public schools fueled her courage to be vulnerable in sharing her own struggles as a student. Her talk helped bring in double the contributions the organizers had been hoping to raise.

My friend Wolf, retired MD, who volunteers to co-create a dynamic middle school theater program, combining his love of theater and his love for supporting and encouraging young people.

Friends who are raising their very young grandchildren; at a time they thought they would be retiring and traveling, they are opening their home and hearts to another 20 +years of the joys and challenges of parenting.

Clients who are lovingly, courageously and firmly setting new clear boundaries, re-writing old stories and re-wiring their nervous systems so they can create more conscious, mutually respectful and authentically loving relationships.

Every one of my guests on We Are More Radio is a hero of love, giving us their inspiration and strategies for growing into our extraordinary potential as individuals and as a world family.

Listen to We Are More Radio Monday July 23 at 10 am for part 2 of  Niemology founder Sharón Lynn Maher’s interview. This time she tells us what she sees in specific names about our gifts and our challenges. click here at 10 am July 23 to go to the page and then click the On Air button.

Thriving Artists Summit.  Get Amped: Addriene, founder of Get Amped, was inspired by her love of creativity, music, marketing and personal growth to create the wonderful Thriving Artists Summit. I am delighted to  be a speaker in this series. We are on day 22 of 25 today. Sign up for no cost and at the end of the series you have access for a limited time to all of the interviews and the generous bonus offers from each speaker.

Look for heroes of love and be a hero of love right where you are, today.
Who do you see around you who is a hero of love?
Drop me a note and let me know.



These Times Call Forth Your Genius Self

"These are times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life, or in the repose of a pacific station, that great challenges are formed. . . . Great necessities call out great virtues. " ~Abigail Adams, closest advisor and wife of US President John Adams, mother of US President John Quincy Adams, 1780

Reading this quote yesterday after a week of particularly distressing world events inspired me.

“These are times in which a genius would wish to live.”

And, I would add, these are times to call forth the genius within each of us.

We can choose not to give in to despair, blame and polarization. We can choose to consciously use the challenges of our time to grow into our greatest virtues. In the face of adversity we can choose to become more innovative, resourceful, creative, compassionate and more committed to our deepest values.

Just as your individual challenges call on you to grow into your expanded potential - your best self- your genius self- so the current challenges of our world call us individually and collectively to grow into the expanding genius of our hearts, minds, souls and communities.

You are here to shine your unique and precious gifts to the world, right where you are, in your own special way. Our world needs the gifts that only you can bring.

That is why I coach and teach and mentor. To help people awaken and unleash the extraordinary wisdom, love, guidance and creativity within, and to support them in shining their gifts into the world with ease and joy. Because when we are aligned with our true inner power and when we are freely sharing our gifts we feel happier, healthier, lit up with purpose and our world becomes a better place.

That is why I created my radio show We Are More. To offer inspiring conversations that help us remember we are so much more than we yet know and to give support for expanding into our personal and planetary potential. Listen in and let us know: What inspires you? Who would you like to hear interviewed?

Perfection is the Enemy of _________.

“Perfection is the enemy of growth,”  wrote Brene Brown
“Perfection is the enemy of progress,” wrote Winston Churchill.

Others have said perfection is the enemy of done, finished, joy, presence, delight, profitability, excellence, happiness, productivity, and of creativity.

As writer Elizabeth Gilbert said in an interview, “Perfection is a serial killer.”

Perfectionism - the act or  habit of demanding perfection-  is sneaky and seductive. It says it is trying to help us become our best, but blocks our genius by telling us mistakes are a problem rather than a chance to grow.

Perfectionism says you can be happy when everything is done and done perfectly.  That time never comes.

I see perfectionism’s seductive and deadening impact in myself and in my clients and friends. Unless we transform it, perfectionism will keep us away from what we most want - and need- to create and accomplish and contribute in the world.

My favorite tips for transforming perfectionism so you can become your true genius self:

  • Notice with a sense of humor and kindness when perfectionism pops up. No need to become its slave.
  • Fall in love with the process of whatever you are doing and creating, not the need to create a perfect outcome.
  • Focus on growing and learning and getting better and better.
  • Choose which projects, tasks and endeavors matter enough to you to make them great and when good enough is just fine.
  • Upgrade from perfectionism to exceptionalism. To become exceptional at anything you must give yourself the freedom to experiment, to explore and to make mistakes.  
  • Let yourself find happiness in the whacky and weird perfection of this day, this life… as it is.
  • Be kind with yourself and the world. Each of us is perfectly imperfect, each of us is growing into our fullness.


Want my support in getting clear on what really matters to you,  finding happiness in the midst of imperfection or on your next steps in transforming perfectionism to exceptionalism? Send me an email with Let's Talk in the subject line. I'd love to talk with you.