Stop Dieting. Start Nourishing Yourself.

Recently, I was talking with a group of professional women about five easy, enjoyable,  life-changing keys they could use each day to shift out of stress and overwhelm and into vitality and joy.

One of the keys was “Nourish.”  

“What feels different to you,” I asked, “About the word ‘diet’ and the word ‘nourish?’ “

The feeling in the room shifted as the women reflected.

Their answers were fascinating.

“ ‘Diet’ feels like a closing down and ‘nourish’ feels like an expansion inside myself.”

“‘Diet’ makes me feel guilty and ‘nourish’ makes me feel curious and interested.”

“I stoppedbreathing when I heard the word ‘diet ‘ and my shoulders and belly felt tighter. ‘Nourish’ helps me relax and listen to what you are about to say.”

Take a moment to sense in your thoughts and in your body experience the difference, for you, between the two words.



For me, diet is misery; nourish is delight.

Diet feels restrictive, punitive, authoritarian. As I write this I notice that 3/4 of the word diet is the word die.

Have I ever noticed that before? Surely I must have but right now it hits me as if for the first time.

Diet jolts me back to being a lean, healthy 13 year old and suddenly going on the insanely strict low-fat, low-carb diet, Dr. Stillman’s Weight Loss Diet for Teens, that was  in my mom’s Redbook magazine. That was the beginning for me of years of food craziness, screwed-up metabolism, body distrust, self doubt.… and misery.

Diet feels like killing some part of myself to conform to a externalized standard and authority.

Nourish wisely supports natural vitality, life force and well-being.
Nourish is affirming, self-loving, luscious, rich, full of pleasure and sensation.
Nourish opens space to feel, taste, explore and discover.
Nourish invites connection with instinctual knowing and desire.
Nourish rises from a deep trust in body wisdom.   

Diet is deprivation.
Nourish is pleasure.

Nourish is an invitation to befriend your hunger rather than fight or struggle or resist or argue with it.

My desire for deep nourishment opens the exploration:
How in a world when most of what we call food
is not,
when most of the things on the grocery shelves are devoid of                                                    nourishment at best and often
truly toxic,
How do we reconnect to honest nourishment and
reclaim the pleasure of natural hunger?

Nourishing your sweet animal body calls for
peeling away at the layers of lies,
cutting through cultural sedimentary deposits of
false advertising and gimmicks
to discover what your body really needs.

As the woman in my group expressed, “”Nourish’ makes me curious.”

I invite you to get curious right now, to feel into your body and your inner self as you ask:
What  foods will best nourish my body and my soul?                                                                How do I feel when i eat those?
What else- in addition to food- nourishes me?
How can I let myself be more deeply nourished by my food and by the gifts that are here for me today?

You have a beautiful, brilliant body always eager to partner with you. Are you listening to her?