Feeling Down? Try an Act of Kindness.

An article in my local paper this week told the story of a high school junior named McKenna who on her 17th birthday bought 800 flowers and, with ten of her classmates, attached encouraging handwritten notes and passed them out to strangers in downtown Corvallis.

The idea for this came two years ago on a day when McKenna was feeling down. Her wise and creative mother Tamara didn’t tell her to snap out of it or lecture her on how lucky she was or bake her cookies or take her shopping. She suggested they buy a bunch of flowers to give away to strangers.

McKenna saw the power of this kindness on other people and experienced how great she felt by reaching out in this simple, yet remarkable way.

Research shows acts of kindness make us happier and healthier.

And it works if we are the one acting in kindness, the one receiving kindness, the ones observing kindness and even if we hear or read about an act of kindness.

So the generosity of McKenna and her friends was beneficial to their well-being, health and happiness, it boosted the mood and immune system of those receiving the flowers
as well as benefiting those who observed it, those who wrote the news story and all of us who read it.

Kindness heals.
Ripples of kindness spread.                                                                                                          Everyone benefits.  

What’s an act of kindness you have received, offered, observed or heard about recently?

What did you notice about your feelings and the responses of others?

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