Is Stress Blocking Your Breathing?


Connections between breath and stress are easy to notice.  When you are startled or feel defensive, worried or anxious, chemicals are released into your bloodstream that put you into a high alert state. 

These stress chemicals activate your fight, flight or freeze response and cause your breath to become faster, higher and more  shallow. 

 Fast, shallow, high breathing causes even more stress and anxiety through your body and mind.

Restricted, shallow, fast breathing is a normal part of your body's stress reaction.   It is meant to be a temporary emergency  response that helps you quickly run, fight or hide from danger.

In the modern world when stress is not a tiger we can fight or run and hide from, many  of us gets stuck in the fight/flight/ flee mode. This causes a stressful way of breathing which sends the body, brain and nervous system the message to stay on high alert ... all the time! Yikes.

The good news is that you can change this.  

All it takes is awareness, remembering and practicing some basic, simple and enjoyable principles. 

Learning to breathe well is a wonderful medicine for mind, body and soul.  It is free.  It is always available to you.  It is a powerful antidote to stress.  It has fabulous side benefits, and you can never leave home without it.

Want to learn how?

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