"Being before Doing" and the Wedding

Like many of us, you may make daily to-do lists.

How about a To-Be intention?

Spending a few minutes in the morning sensing into: “How do I want to be today?” can help your day be more fulfilling, joyful and productive- no matter what happens.

Beginning your day or any endeavor with a Being Intention helps you align with your heart-felt desires and your inner resources.

On the afternoon of September 2 my daughter Emily got married here at our home in the foothills of the Oregon coast range. It was magical and amazing and, with 180 people in attendance, lots of time and energy over several months went into making it happen.

As Emily stood, so tall and elegant, facing her groom, with the creek singing and light sparkling through tall trees behind them, I was struck by how deeply still and fully present she was. As my husband said later, she seemed to be completely absorbing the moment, during the ceremony and all through the evening of celebration.

When we shared that with her the next day she said, “Oh, good. That was my intention - to really be present and to fully receive all the beauty and love.”

My own intention for the wedding, set in the spring when we first began planning, was to let go of perfectionism, to show up in love and to have fun all through the process.

With the help of many friends and family members, we got most things done on our long to-do lists and let go of the rest.

The weather was softly warm, smoke from the wild fires vanished, the ceremony was sweet and sacred, the music fabulous, the food lovely and delicious, people were joyful and celebratory and no one got stung by wasps or fell into the creek or sprained an ankle in a gopher hole.

I am so grateful for all the people who helped it be the magical, beautiful and heart-opening celebration that it was.

My biggest accomplishment, in my mind, was that through the preparation process I did stay connected (most of the time!) to my intention. Each challenge along the way became a chance to practice shifting from chasing a perfectionistic ideal to being with love.

i felt grateful to my daughter Juliana who said she was impressed at how centered and present and positive I stayed even in the midst of having so many people at our house in the pre-wedding days, with all the organizing and meals to prepare and so many details and tasks to juggle. Sometimes it did feel like a lot to pull off.

Remembering my intention of how I wanted to be, helped over and over bring me out of drama, out of worry and back to my center of love and appreciation for my family, our friends, our land and this precious life.

The intention for being helped me let go of perfectionism so I could experience the real perfect in each moment.

How you do something is just as important- and usually more important - than what you do.

Our busy, busy achievement-oriented culture is crazily imbalanced toward doing and vastly undervalues being.

Want support in Being?

Join me for We Are More Radio Monday Sept 17 at 10 am pacific (Click here to listen.)

I’ll be flying solo this week presenting a new talk: Reclaim Your Power of Being: 5 Keys to Activate Your Inner Power and Presence. I’ll share some of my own story of healing my body and emotions with the power of being and give you practical suggestions and tools for living and acting from the Power of Being.