He survived by powering through.

A few years ago a friend of mine got caught in a sudden, blinding snowstorm.

Carrying a heavy backpack, he was hiking into a cabin on a small unmarked trail. Alone. In the wilderness. No cell phone reception. Nightfall was approaching.

For the next two hours he pushed and pushed more and powered his way through until finally, in the dark, he reached the cabin.

This kind of short term emergency survival situation is perfect for rallying the Push More -Power Through Mode.

It was smart of him to override his body's signals of being tired or hungry or in pain.

It was smart of him not to sit down in the snow and gaze in wonderment at the beautiful white trees.

He survived because as soon as he realized the danger, his inner emergency response system went into high gear.

That mobilized his stress hormones and made him super-strong and super-focused on a very specific goal: getting to the cabin alive.

When he reached his cabin, he collapsed, ate a little, drank some water and slept all night and most of the next day.

He woke up feeling very grateful, exhausted, depleted and very, very sore.

Pushing and powering through is a brilliant response your nervous system can quickly mobilize when it perceives serious danger. It is the perfect response for very specific and very rare situations. Like running from a tiger or making it through a storm to safety. It is meant to be activated for a short period, followed by deep, complete rest to replenish your inner reserves.

It is not meant to be used constantly or to achieve long term success.

Constant pushing and powering through is not sustainable. It leads to burnout and exhaustion and has toxic effects on your health, your happiness and your relationships. It is not a good strategy for running a business, raising a family, creating loving relationships or going after your biggest goals and dreams.

And yet this Push More - Power Through Mode is so common in our culture that most of us over-rely on it. We often rally it as it as our #1 way of getting things done.

There is a more enjoyable, and more productive way! Get into your Creative Flow and create like the miracle maker you really are!

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