“My whole life I succeeded by pushing myself.” And then…

In her first coaching session, my client who owns a successful consulting business, told me she had succeeded though her whole life by pushing herself. She pushed to get great grades in high school, college and grad school, pushed to build and grow her business, pushed herself at the gym to stay the perfect weight and to keep up with guys 20 years younger. In every part of her life she worked hard and rarely let up. It began to take a toll. When she came to me about coaching, she realized this constant pushing just wasn’t working any more. It was taking a toll on her health, her love life, all of her relationships, her happiness and sometimes she wanted to quit her business altogether.

“I used to accept that pushing hard was normal. I thought that's what I had to do to be my best. But lately I’ve gotten so tired of it and I keep thinking there must be a better way.”

After a few weeks of working together she told me, “I’m letting go of that constant pushing and I now have a sense of working with flow and ease and joy. It’s such a relief and it feels so good! And I can’t believe how much more I am getting done with way less effort. What i am learning from working you feels like magic!”

My client, like most of us who have big dreams for ourselves and the world, had been taught that pushing was the best way to grow into her potential and to achieve her dreams

She was in what I call the Push More - Power Through Mode. Although she got lots of approval for it, and she didn’t know an alternative, she was so wise to realize that something was out of balance, and that if she was going to take her business and her life to the next level she really want- if she was goin g to scale up- she needed a new way,

How wise she was to get support before she pushed herself into a breakdown or illness (like i had in my early 30’s!) .

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