I truly felt supported, enriched, rejuvenated and guided. Your generosity and wisdom have helped me reconnect with essential feminine aspects of myself.
I was invited to BE fully, all of who I am; to play, to dance, to share, to sink deep within myself. I left the retreat refreshed and replenished—a fuller, freer person, with more of me to give.
Thank you, from my heart. You’ve made me feel like a goddess.
It was really just what I needed. I came away feeling profoundly blessed to have been there, and loved every detail....All of it was so magical....I felt I had everything to be comfortable, which was so decadent. I loved all of the exercises and oh my goodness, was the yoga amazing. I felt like a spoiled cat getting to just enjoy the feeling of my body being loved.
Thank you, Lea, for a most amazing day. It was truly just what I need at this point in my life. The overall experience was just what I hoped for...serenity, light, new acquaintances/shared values. I haven’t been that totally relaxed for a long time. I was totally lost in time and space. Lunch was so special. Such beautiful women—I loved the age spectrum—with interesting things to share. Followed by alone time. Perfect.
From the moment I stepped into your studio I felt welcomed. The energy brought forth by each of the women in the group along with their participation and sharing was both nourishing and supportive. It was a spiritual feast! A sacred exchange of energy and honesty shared among perfect strangers quickly turned friends. One of those rare moments in life you don’t want to end.