Celebrating the Age of Abbondanza!

(Formerly known as midlife.)

For years I dreaded turning fifty.

I imagined it as the beginning of the end, a doorway to a downhill slide of diminishing vitality, beauty and influence.

Ha! I was so very wrong! Turning fifty was indeed a doorway, but to ever-expanding possibilities.

In my fifties,  I have discovered more freedom, zest, ease, creative expression, connection, vitality, love and soul-satisfying success than ever before. And it just keeps getting better and better!

As soon as I heard the Italian word for abundance, “Abbondanza”, from my teacher Jean Houston, my body felt vibratized and resonant and my soul called, “Yes! That is what this time of life really can be!”
Abbondanza is translated as “abundance, fullness, richness, luxuriance, plentitude…. a bounty of food, life and choices.”

To experience the full impact, try now saying the word, "ABBONDANZA!" with gusto as you open your arms wide and fill your heart with the wonder and glory of this precious life you have been given.

Choosing Abbondanza opens the doorway to vast possibilities and abiding gratitude and lets you join the ever-beckoning Dance of Life.

I love to live this way and I love to help other women claim their own flavors of Abbondanza as they fall in love with the bounty of their lives, expanding into rich fullness of body, soul and creative vitality.

Since turning 50 I have
    •    Vaporized layer after layer of my own perfectionism, self-doubt, criticism, fear and worry.
    •    Begun to follow my life-long dream of traveling with trips to Paris, New Zealand, the Grand Canyon and Costa Rica.
    •    Fallen in love with, married, co-created, explored and grown mightily with my husband David, acclaimed photographer.
    •    Transformed, with David’s genius vision and devoted skill, the windstorm devastation of our land into lush gardens surrounding a sacred studio built with lumber milled from fallen trees.
    •    Healed myself from a frightening, energy-zapping, inflammatory immune imbalance.
    •    Discovered that the challenges of menopause and midlife open portals to new powers and potentials within.
    •    Whole-heartedly committed to my Creative Expression, a process that continually reveals my inner rubbish, demands that I shed old patterns, challenges me toward the next terrifying edge and brings me deepening joy and fulfillment.
    •    Reveled in seeing my three daughters become strong, compassionate, creative adults, each one generously contributing her gifts to the world, each one profoundly inspirational to me.
    •    Savored the heart-cracking love of two grandsons.
    •    Published my first book, audio meditations, interview series, articles and poetry and presented talks, retreats and workshops, inspiring and empowering thousands of people.
And, Honey, I’m just getting started!

How about you?
Are you ready to fully embrace your life and to live with richness, luxuriance and plentitude of body, mind, and soul?

Whatever your age, this can be your Age of Abbondanza.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Love and Abbondanza for All,

Lea Bayles, M.A. Bio
Transformational speaker, coach, performer, author and teacher, Lea Bayles has helped thousands of people connect with the wise delight of their bodies and the expansive creative power of spirit.

Lea’s playful, practical, compassionate and mystical approach draws from her master’s degree in psychology and experience with theater, dance, mind-body healing, energy work, shamanism, yoga, tantra and chi-kung and her personal challenges and joys with living in a body. She has created the Co-Creating Heaven on Earth interviews with visionaries, Replenish Your Soul meditation series, numerous articles and integrative wellness curriculums and the popular guidebook, Take Back Your Life: Moving from Chronic Pain to Lifelong Healing.

Since she was a teenager, Lea has been an avid student of meditation, yoga, energy healing and other mind-body-spiritual practices. These helped her heal her own host of stress-related symptoms such as eating disorders, migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Learning to access the healing power within has given her great insight and compassion for helping others find natural, holistic methods for increasing health, well-being, joy and vitality. Combining her personal experience with years of spiritual and professional training, Lea offers a unique and powerful blend of healing and transformational practices.

Dealing with her own midlife challenges including divorce, loss of loved ones, chaotic hormones, insomnia, career change and empty nest and being happily surprised by the gifts of midlife such as freedom of time and choice, post-menopausal zestiness and heightened intuition, creative vitality and courage has inspired her to become a champion for the magic and magnificence of midlife.

Since turning fifty Lea has passionately committed to her own flow of creativity and to supporting others in activating their Creative Magic Power for personal delight and for the collective creation of a new story for this sweet and sacred planet we share.

Lea lives with her husband, photographer David Paul Bayles, and their cat Isis on Dreaming Forest Farm in the wooded foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.