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Does Your Self Care Tank in the Tough Times?

~  Unshakeable Self Care Gift Package

Ever feel like self care is just one more thing on your to-do list? Unshakeable Self Care to your rescue! Unshakeable Self Care nourishes your body and soul and is always with you, even in your busiest, most challenging times.

This Free gift package includes:

Special Report: Unshakeable Self Care: Thrive and Shine Every Day- Even in the Toughest Times. Learn 4 Pillars of Inner Power and 7 Magic Habits to create radiant well-being, ageless beauty and easeful success.

Weekly R & R: Recharge and Revitalize!  Easy, powerful practices and tips delivered to your inbox each week to replenish your inner reserves so you can create, excel, achieve and celebrate with ease and joy.

39 Self Care Secrets to Radiant Well-being: Put this colorful, inspirational page on your fridge or bathroom mirror for fun, simple ways to feel fabulous and to enjoy each day.


Tired of stressing and struggling to get things done?

~ Seven Strategies To Transform Stress Into Soul Satisfying Success! Free email course

Free Email Course delivered right to your inbox reveals how to:

  • Become smarter, stronger and more courageous, resilient and compassionate by embracing stress.
  • Create the life you really want with way less struggle and lots more ease, joy and pleasure.  
  • Transform the negative aspects of stress into creative energy and inspiration.


Need a mini-vacation?

~ Special No-Cost Recorded Meditation “Letting Go Breath”

This soothing, healing guided relaxation will help you release stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety and increase peace of mind, well-being, vitality and happiness.

Ready to become more of who you really are?


1:1 Breakthrough Session with Lea

In this no-cost phone session, you will:

  • Align with the wisdom of your body and your soul
  • Gain clarity on what you most want to create, achieve or transform
  • Discover the #1 thing that is holding you back
  • Get crystal clear on your next steps

Wonder what it's like to mentor with Lea? Read a few words from her clients:

I felt a lot of anxiety and frustration with how to deal with the stress I felt at work, with a personal business, and home life in general. I guess one could say that I was waiting for a change to happen to me, rather than taking steps to make it happen. Then I met Lea. Now, I am much more aware of who I am and the special gifts that have been given to me. With this awareness has come a better work environment and home life! I have found that deep respect and love for myself and am moving forward with purpose. I am so thankful and blessed for Lea’s coaching.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your amazing, loving guidance and support over the last few months. I have become so much more in tune with myself and I can feel myself becoming the person I want to be. You dear friend, mentor & teacher have woken up the Beautiful Me!! 1st time in my life I understand what it feels like to have true autonomy.
Love your faith in me and your attention, you are priceless. You are helping me unfold layers of myself I had no idea were there. Lea, Again thank you so much for helping me realize the greatness in my life. You are a blessing.
I have been feeling GREAT! We are super busy at the office and this is my best year yet! My smile is real!!! I am more patient, understanding, listen, calm and just feeling like I am becoming the business woman I have always wanted to be. My stress meter is so down it is incredible.

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