Reclaim Your Inner Powers with The Three “Only” Things by Robert Moss

The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination  by Robert Moss

Nearly every other page of my copy of this book is dog-eared, every time I reread it I am struck by something new and it is one of my favorite books to give clients. Why ?

This book helps me remember how I want to live. It helps me remember the magic of daily life and to easily awaken expanded creativity and awareness.

One of the most diminishing and false things you can say to yourself or to others is  “Well, that is only your imagination.” or  “…only a dream.” or  “only a coincidence.” As if imagination and dreams and coincidences don’t matter! Dismissing them is standing up for the perspective  that only logical, waking, visible reality is real.

Our prevailing cultural pattern is to discount imagination, dreams and coincidences.  But if you try to live that way, you miss out on deep delight, guidance and creative power and life becomes harder and less interesting.

When you partner with the river of life force that shows itself  through imagination, dreams and coincidence you are continually guided toward your true purpose and joy..

The Three “Only” Things  by Robert Moss is an affirming, accessible, entertaining, mystical and practical guide to reclaiming dreams, imagination and coincidence and integrating them into your life.

Open to the wonder and mystery of the realm beyond ordinary, consensus reality and life becomes easier, more fun, more deeply meaningful and you will continually be invited to grow into the fullness of yourself

As Moss writes in the  introduction,

“Through the Three ‘Only’ Things we wake up to the secrets of creative living. We become conscious we are all strange attractors—we attract or repel people, events, and opportunities according to our energy and our state of mind. We come to grasp that there are no impermeable boundaries between inner and outer, subjective and objective. We remember that the passions of the soul work magic, and that our best work is done in the spirit of play. We realize that dreaming is less about sleep than about waking up. We learn that the time is always now– except when it is go.”  

Oh yes!

I have not met Robert Moss in waking time (yet!) but I love all of his books and am deeply grateful for his work in the world.

Each page of The Three “Only” Things offers rich treasures from a wise and tender man who has lived his life exploring and integrating the seen and unseen worlds.

Get it from your favorite local bookstore (good eco-community-karma for that!) or at Amazon

Have you read this book? What do you think of it?

What is your relationship to dreaming, coincidence and imagination?