Ta Da! Announcing the We Are More Radio Show!

Do you ever start to do something you are really excited about and then find that you get in your own way and create delays and stumbling block?

That’s how I’ve been feeling this week about making an exciting announcement.

(I am fascinated by how so often fear and resistance are intertwined with the things we most long for. Do you ever notice that in your life?)

So breathing kindness, befriending resistance and imagining a drumroll:

On Monday February 5 at 10 am I’m launching the We Are More Radio Show: Expanding into the Fullness of Who We Really are.

I invite you to tune in each week for inspiring conversations with visionaries, change makers and everyday heroes. My guests and I are passionate about unleashing extraordinary potential- individually and collectively. You will gain inspiration, support and practical strategies for expanding into your fullness with wonder, joy, grace and grit.

On Feb 5 for the first episode I’ll be interviewed on FBLive by Raven Blair Glover, executive director of the Women of Power Radio Network about my new show. What inspired me to start it? Why do I think it is needed today? What early experiences woke me up to a reality beyond “ordinary reality”? What are Wonder Stories and why do they matter? How is the world calling us to wake up?

My guests in February:

Feb 12 Award-winning educator, singer/songwriter, international speaker, author, courage coach and founder of the Radical Kindness movement.  Although she has been legally blind for years, Vicki Hannah Lein travels around the world presenting her message through humorous, musical, interactive presentations.

Feb 19 Biologist and environmental scientist turned animal communicator who has written four books. Marta Williams  believes learning to talk and listen to our pets - and to nature - can help us create a world that is more sustainable, healthier and better for all beings.

Feb 26 Former US Government Special Agent who is now the Executive Director of Super Power Experts®. Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience.

And that’s just the beginning!

I am having a great time connecting with fascinating guests and think you will love hearing their stories and perspectives.

Check out (and bookmark!) the We Are More page on my website to read about upcoming episodes and to read show notes and listen to past episodes when you can’t catch us live. (Some of the links on this page may not be active until early Monday.)

Do you have suggestions for guests you would like to see on the show? (Maybe you?) Drop me a note.