Be Realistic: Expect Miracles!

A Miracle Maker’s Mindset expands beyond limited thinking into possibility thinking. Possibility thinking lets you envision and create bright new possibilities for yourself, for others and for our world.

This week’s Miracle Maker’s Mindset nugget is “Be realistic. Expect miracles!”

Ever notice how most of the time when people say Be realistic, they are really saying: Be limited. Stay small. Keep your expectations low. Turn down your dreams. Shut down your imagination….?

People may tell you this for your own good or to try to help you stay safe or to keep you from being disappointed. However well-intentioned they may be- I say BS!

Wayne Dyer wrote: “I am realistic. I believe in miracles.”

This lets us claim an expanded, empowering idea of what’s realistic.

I know that miracles are real. Miracles happen all the time- when you are open to them and when you take inspired action to help them manifest.

Try saying it yourself: I am realistic. I believe in miracles.

Claim this and you will be led by your dreams and your visions toward creating a new reality for yourself and for our world.

You will find all around you bright opportunities and support and you can take the steps toward helping the dreams and visions inside you become real.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts.