7 Great Reasons to Breathe Through Your Nose!


Your nostrils are brilliantly designed for efficient, healthy breathing.
Among the many benefits of nostril breathing:

    1.    Air is filtered as it comes into your body, helping to keep out dust, allergens, germs and pollutants.
    2.    Air is warmed to the proper temperature for your body.
    3.    Valuable moisture stays in your body.
    4.    Breath flowing through the nasal passageways sends a calming signal to your brain.
    5.    Your nervous system is soothed and replenished.
    6.    An antidote is created for the stress activated state so many of us live in.
    7.    Your immune function is enhanced

Your nose really knows how to breathe! And yet, we often do breathe through our mouths. This sends a “Get stressed! Danger is near,” message to your body and brain.

Breathing through your mouth lowers your immunity to allergens and illness, dries out membranes of the throat and  lungs and overtaxes your body and your nervous system.

Let your nose do its job!

Breathing in Daily Life:

Notice throughout the day when you are breathing through your mouth and just begin to shift to more and more time breathing through your nose.

Perhaps  you find yourself  gasping or gulping air through your mouth. Great noticing! Just by noticing your patterns kindly and by shifting to nostril breathing you give your body and mind a chance to shift to a happier, calmer, more efficient and healthy state of being.

If you are opening your mouth because your nose is stuffy just gently breathe as much as you can through your nostrils- sometimes it's more possible than we think. Often gentle nostril breathing will help relieve congestion. Don’t force this, just be with it kindly.


If you are exercising so vigorously that you cannot breathe through your nostrils, try slowing down a bit. You can build strength and endurance with less strain if you do it within the limits of the body by noticing your breath. Even if you are running or vigorously lifting weights,  stay within the range of what your body can do while breathing through your nostrils.

You may have to slow down at first but in a short time you may find that you are faster and stronger than ever- with no strain!

Every once in while: breathe out through your mouth.

For every guideline, there is an exception.

 Occasionally it feels wonderful to let your breath out through your mouth.  You can breathe out through your mouth with a sign or a sound, even big arm gestures or a jump to release emotional tension and shift your mood.   This can be a small, subtle exhale or a big, full-bodied release. Try adding a nice big gesture with your arms and stamp your feet or shake and jump. Enjoy!
Save exhaling through your mouth for a special release. Let it be conscious. Then go back to the relaxing, easeful pattern of breathing in and out through your nose.

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